Vertical Impact Drop Tester

As per IS, ISO & ASTM standards

Drop impact testers are widely used in the packaging industry to simulate and measure the impact resistance and durability of packaging products, such as boxes, containers, and other packaging materials. Here are some specific applications of drop impact testers in the packaging industry:

Quality Control:

Drop impact testing is used to ensure the quality of packaging products used in manufacturing processes. This test helps to verify that the packaging meets the specified performance requirements and can withstand the intended use conditions, such as accidental drops during transportation and handling.

Material Selection:

Drop impact testing helps engineers to select the most suitable packaging material for a particular application based on its impact resistance properties. This is especially important in applications where the packaging must withstand impacts during storage and transportation.

Product Development:

Drop impact testing is used in the development of new packaging products. By measuring the impact resistance of different materials, engineers can select the best material for a particular application and design products that meet specific performance requirements.

Regulatory Compliance:

Many packaging products used in various applications are required to meet regulatory standards, including specific impact resistance properties. Drop impact testing can help ensure that packaging products meet these requirements and comply with regulations.

Research and Development:

Drop impact testing is also used in research and development of packaging materials. By measuring the impact resistance, researchers can study the effect of different variables on the material's properties and develop new materials with improved impact resistance and durability.

Overall, drop impact testing is an important tool in the packaging industry, helping to ensure the quality, performance, and safety of packaging products used in various applications.

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  • Vertical Impact Drop Tester
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