Coagulation Unit

In the rubber industry, a Coagulation Unit is commonly used for the coagulation or solidification of liquid natural rubber latex. This process is an essential step in the production of solid rubber forms from liquid latex. Here are some applications of Coagulation Units in the rubber industry:

Solid Rubber Production:

The primary application of a Coagulation Unit is to facilitate the conversion of liquid natural rubber latex into solid rubber forms. The coagulation process involves the addition of specific coagulating agents, such as acids or salts, to the latex, causing the rubber particles to coalesce and form a solid mass. The Coagulation Unit provides the necessary equipment and infrastructure to carry out this process efficiently.

Rubber Sheet Production:

Coagulated rubber from the Coagulation Unit is typically further processed into rubber sheets. The coagulated mass is washed to remove impurities and excess coagulating agents, then pressed and dried to form solid rubber sheets of uniform thickness. These rubber sheets can be used for various applications, including manufacturing rubber products or further processing into other forms.

Rubber Block or Slab Production:

Coagulated rubber can also be processed into blocks or slabs, depending on the specific requirements of the rubber industry. The coagulated mass is molded and shaped into desired forms, then subjected to additional processing steps, such as pressing, drying, and curing, to obtain solid rubber blocks or slabs. These forms can be further processed for various applications, such as molding or extrusion.

Latex Concentration:

In some cases, Coagulation Units are used to concentrate natural rubber latex before further processing. The unit removes excess water from the latex through coagulation, resulting in a higher concentration of rubber solids. This concentrated latex can then be used directly or subjected to additional processing steps to obtain solid rubber forms.

The application of Coagulation Units in the rubber industry is essential for transforming liquid natural rubber latex into solid rubber forms, such as sheets, blocks, or slabs. This process enables the production of various rubber products and materials, serving as a crucial step in rubber processing and manufacturing.

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